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Cooking Tips

Tips For Everyday Life in the Kitchen

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I created this community to share tips in the kitchen. Wheter it's a cooking tip or a time/cleaning-saving tip in the kitchen! Hopefully some of these tips will make your life easier in the Kitchen!

Come on share your tips: cooking tips, cleaning tips, time-saving tips, anything to make one's life easier!

-Anyone can join!
-If you post please write tags to what your entry is about to make searches easier for other members.
-Have Fun!

-Some of these tips are taken directly from cooking magazines- I thought I'd share them with you as they are pretty good and they might be helpful to you. Some of these tips are from personal experience. Please feel free to share yours!

-Some of these tips are very similar to each other. There's many way to do one certain thing- just do the one you feel more comfortable with as there's no right or wrong way! After all it is YOUR kitchen!